Account Takeovers: What Are They and How Can You Upgrade Your Account Takeover Prevention?

33 billion accounts will be breached in 2023. Account takeovers are occurring at an unprecedented rate and devastating unprepared organizations. Unfortunately, most business owners are woefully unequipped for this growing threat. Concerned about your organization’s cybersecurity but don’t know how to boost your account takeover fraud detection and defense? In this blog, we’ll break down […]

The Essential Guide to Credit Card Fraud Prevention & PCI Compliance

Credit card fraud is a real and growing threat to businesses around the world. As an increasing number of consumers choose to pay with plastic, it’s more important than ever for business owners to stay informed about credit card fraud prevention techniques and PCI compliance requirements. From data encryption to monitoring customer transactions, this guide […]

The Importance of 3DS Verification

Do you allow your customers to purchase products or services online? If so, your business is vulnerable to fraudulent transactions, chargebacks, refunds, and more. Credit card fraud is becoming extremely common—in fact, 2022’s global losses from fraudulent card transactions are a staggering $34.4 billion. As fraud techniques become increasingly sophisticated, this number is expected to […]

A Guide to Payment Routing

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can keep your business running. Every business owner needs to get their money delivered safely and on time. Efficient payment routing is the best way to minimize transaction costs, increase acceptance rates, and distribute transactions evenly. Routing is a key part of payment processing, especially for businesses that use […]