Card Capture

Ensure that all credit card-related processes, including handling and processing, occur securely.

Orchestra by BlueTime stands as a payment gateway-agnostic service, designed to provide unparalleled flexibility and customization in handling credit card processing, with unparalleled ease and simplicity to integrate. You can choose how to use our system – ensuring that all credit card-related processes, including handling and processing, occur securely within our platform before being transmitted to your choice of payment processor—or simply integrating our individual components into your specific workflow requirements.

Empowering Your Workflow

The Orchestra Card Capture service empowers you to design your personalized card capture form and then host it securely within our vault. This form, entirely customizable with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, can be embedded seamlessly into your website as an iframe, or used as a standalone site, ensuring a seamless integration while maintaining the highest security standards.

Tailored Actions to Match Your Needs

You have complete control over your card capture process. Define the specific actions your form will perform, from basic card data collection to more intricate processes such as validation, 3D Secure authentication, payment processing, and tokenization.

Craft your workflow logic, defining the sequence and frequency of each action, to align with your unique business requirements. Whether you need a straightforward data collection process or a multi-step, customized payment authentication and processing flow, including alternate providers, backups and redundancies, Orchestra’s Card Capture service adapts to your specifications.

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Curious to See How Card Capture Can Revolutionize Your Workflow?

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The Orchestra Advantage

Complete Customization

Orchestra’s Card Capture allows you to design and implement a card capture form tailored precisely to your workflow and business needs.

Seamless Integration

Embed the hosted form effortlessly into your website using an iframe, ensuring a smooth user experience without compromising security.

Workflow Flexibility

Define the sequence and frequency of actions your form performs, enabling complete control and adaptability in your payment processing.

Enhance Your Payment Workflow Today

Ready to optimize your payment process and gain unparalleled control over your card handling? Partner with BlueTime’s Orchestra Card Capture service to streamline and customize your payment workflow. Revolutionize your payment processing, tailor actions to your business logic, and ensure the highest level of security for your card transactions. Take the proactive step today by connecting with our experts and unlocking the potential of Orchestra’s Card Capture service for your business.


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