Meta Search

Credit card details hold a lot of information behind them – from the card brand (Visa, MasterCard, etc) to where it was issued and by whom and to the risk level you are exposed to by using this card.

Our Orchestra API allows you to search for all of these details and more!

Card Brand Look Up

Have you ever wanted to display the brand of the card number being entered? And change it dynamically as it is entered?

Our Brand Lookup service allows you to provide the first few digits of the card and get the card brand as the response

“bin”: “438857”,
“brand”: “VISA”,
“type”: “CREDIT”,
“category”: “CLASSIC”,
“issuingOrganization”: “CHASE BANK USA, N.A.”,
“countryCode”: “US”

Card Meta Data Search

Have you ever wanted to know who issued the card and where it was issued? Want to build a security validation into your workflow to only accept cards issued in (or not in) certain places?

Any concerns around credit cards vs debit cards? Want to restrict the use of one type or another?

With the Card Meta search, you can retrieve all of the above information and more in a simple API method.


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