CASE STUDY: eSIM Providers

“Orchestra has been transformative for us. Their payment solution checks all the boxes — supporting multiple currencies and processors, offering customizable payment forms, and ensuring robust PCI compliance. ”

CTO of eSIM provider, customer of Orchestra

Our customer, a SaaS company, provides data roaming services for mobile phones using eSIM technology. Their service is delivered through travel companies (Airlines, Online Travel Agents and alike).

The Challenge:

When it came to payment processing, our customer had the following requirements that they were looking to achieve:

  1. Support multiple currencies.
  2. Easy branding of payment page, to match the Travel Company branding requirements.
  3. PCI compliance.
  4. Cost effective, as transaction values are fairly small ($10 to $20).
  5. Storing card details for returning customers to facilitate package top-ups.

After some market research, no single payment processor could support all of our customer’s requirements. In fact, the level of customization needed to support their travel companies’ requirements, specifically bespoke on the fly branding, was not possible through any payment processor. 

This was until they came across BlueTime and our Orchestra product.

“When we came across BlueTime and the Orchestra service, we found a solution that can provide us, with one single and simple integration, everything that we were looking for.”

How Orchestra answered all of our customer’s needs:

Multi-Currency Support

By accessing multiple payment gateways with a single, simple integration, they were able to support transactions in multiple currencies and even perform cost optimization based on the currency of the transaction.

Outsourced PCI Compliance

By using custom forms hosted in Orchestra, they were able to avoid PCI compliance concerns, relying on BlueTime to securely manage the card data.

Card Storage for Repeat Transactions

With Orchestra’s tokenization capabilities, they were able to store card data for customers; allowing them to perform secondary transitions for customers with the use of any payment gateway.

Custom Forms

With full creative and functional freedom, they were able to easily design a custom form that answers all of their partners’ needs while maintaining security.

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