CASE STUDY: Hotel Marketing Company

“Orchestra solved our challenge of limited payment gateway options, which cost us potential clients. Now, we know that we have the support for any gateway that our client prefers.”

CTO of hotel marketing company, customer of Orchestra

Our customer, a hotel marketing company, develops custom websites for hotels as part of their offering. A crucial feature of these websites is the ability to handle reservations and payments efficiently. Previously, our customer offered just four payment gateways. However, this limited flexibility often led to potential clients opting not to use their service, as many of their potential clients preferred gateways not supported by our customers’ solution.

The Challenge:

Client Loss: Potential clients were deterred from choosing our customer due to their limited selection of available payment gateways. Hotels that already had established relationships with specific payment processors were unable to integrate their preferred solutions, leading to lost business opportunities.

Sales Complications: The sales team of our customer frequently faced the repetitive and time-consuming task of verifying each hotel’s preferred payment gateway. If a preferred gateway was not supported, it often led to the loss of deals.

The Solution:

Orchestra by Bluetime offers a seamless payment orchestration service that connects users to over 70 payment gateways through a single API integration. By integrating Orchestra, our customer transformed its payment gateway offerings.


API Integration: The company integrated Orchestra’s API into their website development platform. This integration allowed every hotel website created to access any of the 70+ supported payment gateways without additional development work.

Streamlined Sales Process: With the integration of Orchestra, the sales team no longer needed to check or negotiate over payment gateway preferences with prospective clients. The assurance that any gateway could be supported simplified and expedited the sales process.


Increased Client Acquisition

The hotel marketing company could now serve a much broader range of potential clients, supporting any hotel’s preferred payment gateway. This ability led to a higher conversion rate of prospects to clients.

Enhanced Flexibility and Growth

As they expanded, they could easily onboard new hotels without concerns over payment gateway compatibility, making their service more appealing to a diverse range of hotels.

Operational Efficiency

The streamlined process reduced the workload on the sales and development teams, allowing them to focus on core business functions and enhancing overall productivity.


Since implementing Orchestra, the hotel marketing company has seen a significant reduction in lost opportunities due to payment gateway issues. The sales process became more efficient, leading to a notable increase in new client sign-ups. Hotels valued the flexibility and assurance that their preferred payment gateway would be supported, boosting the company’s competitiveness in the market.

By leveraging Orchestra by Bluetime, this hotel marketing company successfully addressed a critical business challenge, leading to improved client satisfaction, increased revenue, and a stronger market position.

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